JTG Day, People Watching, Final Four and Preds

Representative Brenda Gilmore meets with students and JTG specialists from Maplewood and Stratford. All the state lawmakers were gracious and sincerely interested in JTG and the students. Random thoughts on a Friday morning in a Brentwood coffee shop before a donor coffee... (I did this on the Dwyerwire blog back in the day [...]

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The Jerry’s In: JTG is Lucky to have Him

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen led the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA World Championships in the 1990's. Jordan had Pippen.  Simon had Garfunkel.  Michael Jackson had his brothers (Okay, maybe not the best example).  Every successful person has someone beside them.  Dwyer has Jones.  To be clear, I'm not suggesting for one moment [...]

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From Shadow Day to Co-Workers

Encouraged or discouraged. Job shadowing for a high school senior will go either of those two ways.  Rarely in between.  Through my nearly three decades as a TV broadcaster, I've had job shadows from local high schools and always enjoyed meeting the wide-eyed teenagers as they walk through a TV station for the first time.  [...]

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