In Their Own Words: Sarah Hafner, 2018 JTG Graduate

This summer, we are featuring stories by 2018 JTG graduates and offering them a chance to share the impact JTG has had on their lives. This week's guest writer is Sarah Hafner from Creek Wood High School.  Being in JTG has showed me that I honestly did not have a clue on how to do [...]

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In Their Own Words: Nautica Dotson, 2018 JTG Graduate

This summer, we are featuring stories by 2018 JTG graduates and offering them a chance to share the impact JTG has had on their lives. This week's guest writer is Nautica Dotson from Creek Wood High School.  Starting out my senior year, I was worried I was not going to have a class that would [...]

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Specialist Spotlight on Vickie Parsons

This month, we are featuring Fairview High School's JTG Specialist, Vickie Parsons, in our Specialist Spotlight. Vickie is known for fostering strong connections with her students, and she goes above and beyond to help her students succeed. One of her most notable yearly activities is helping her classes plan and prepare a full Thanksgiving lunch [...]

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Stories of Hope: Emma Warzynski

Stories of Hope: Meet Emma Warzynski, a 2017 graduate from Stratford STEM Magnet High School. Originally from Canada, Emma faced a great deal of struggles assimilating into the American classroom, and she graduated as Salutatorian of her class. She  began Austin Peay University this fall to pursue a career in occupational therapy. “I have overcome [...]

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What Did You Do This Summer?

Tez Rogers began his summer by winning a new car! Actually, the recent Mt. Pleasant High School graduate earned it through Maury County’s Strive to Drive contest.  “I couldn’t even think when they called my name,” Rogers told The Columbia Daily Herald.  Strive to Drive is an ongoing academic initiative for Maury County, which encourages [...]

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Barriers Know No Boundaries

Friday Pizza gathering at my sister's house was a good night for ma. Watching your parents grow old is such a blessing and privilege.  We laugh and tease each other.  They boast about knowing more about what I was up to as a teenager than they let on, and I counter with stories [...]

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Technically Speaking, These Places Rock

Jobs for Tennessee Graduates (JTG) students come from all walks of life and some of those walks are longer than others.  A survey filled out by nearly 500 JTG students in the fall (it was optional and one could assume if home life was dire, one might not fill it out) of 2016 revealed: 53% [...]

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Building Bridges to Success

You're looking at nearly a million dollars in college scholarships and the teacher who helped make it happen. It's said a picture says a thousand words. Well, this one says nearly a $1 million dollars in college education.  Meet Maplewood High School seniors Abbey Khounmy, Vakia Robinson, Doresha Robinson and Martin Torres (Maria [...]

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Cheese come with that Whine?

Pretty much sums up my day, minus the tie. Today is not one of my better days, as we all have them, right?  Computer woes and unexpected tasks put before me.  Not a good combination.  Please give me a pass on today's blog entry.  I'm getting on a plane (isn't really "in a [...]

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