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Gov. Lee presents JTG with check

NSLA 2019

Fairview High’s JTG mask 2020

2018 AT&T Women in Careers Day with JTG senior girls

JTG Students at Washington DC Leadership Conference

The best teachers in Tennessee!

JTG senior girls in breakout sessions at AT&T Women in Careers Day

Centennial AT&T Day

AT&T Safe Driving Seminar

Fairview H.S. students meet with Rep. Jack Johnson at JTG Day on The Hill 2018

Havana Nights Fundraiser

Hickman County support

Governor Lee and JTG President John Dwyer

 JTG Day on the Hill 2019

AT&T Grant for TNVCA 2018

JTG Students at JAG Leadership Conference in Washington DC  2017

Destiny Newsome

James Grayson and Cinthia Pierce

Western Union Scholarship

Creek Wood H.S. students at JTG Day on The Hill 2018

State Senator Kerry Roberts with Hickman County H.S. JTG Students

Cinthia Pierce 1M Student DC

JTG VP Jerry Jones presents Adam Waller with $250 for passing his HiSET exam, along with Dickson Career Center’s Tammy Betty

Joint House Resolution

Jerry Jones NTS Award

Perry County H.S. students in Washington DC

Operation American Goodness

Ivy Academy

JTG Board

CEO John Dwyer



JTG’s recent transition into the nonprofit sector means that the program is funded by generous donations to keep it sustained and growing. We rely on residents of the Volunteer State to invest in its future; the numbers don’t lie. JTG’s results are long-standing and proven, and by giving students the skills and expertise necessary to transition successfully into a post-secondary education or directly into the workforce, it allows the burden of the taxpayer to shift from being reactive to proactive.

By investing in our students, we ensure that they are thriving and contributing members to society by the time they walk across the stage with their caps and gowns. Will you join us on this radical mission to raise $100K in 100 days so we can continue JTG’s legacy of success and expand its reach into more schools across the state?

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JTG on the Frontlines for Equality

Supporting and Empowering our Communities of Color

COVID-19 Update

JAG and JTG Statement in Response to COVID-19

 As we are all feeling, COVID-19 has shifted how the world operates in a way that is unprecedented for our generation, and Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) and Jobs for Tennessee Graduates (JTG), one of 39 JAG state affiliates, are no exception. The impact of the coronavirus and the immediate danger it presents has closed our education system, directly affecting students and their families. This is especially detrimental to JTG students, who often look to their JTG Specialists and classmates for steadiness and security in their lives.

We also recognize that our students and their families are disproportionately affected by the closure of restaurants, stores, bars, and other service-industry places of work. These jobs often provide the entry-level opportunities our students need to enter the workforce. A difficult environment is likely to continue for some time, so we are in the process to reposition our training and support to make the best case for our JTG students to be considered for employment.

At a time when we must social distance ourselves to protect each other, the thousands of JTG students we serve need us more than ever.  We are responding to and encouraged by the requests from many JTG Specialists to access online learning modules and platforms provided by JAG educational partners like the Skills to Succeed Academy, EverFi, and Tallo. We are excited to see the interest in the JAG Genius and the use of virtual connectivity and the online sense of community – something we all need in these times.

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) and Jobs for Tennessee Graduates (JTG) recognize we need to modify the way we provide support and deliver competencies to our students during this time of uncertainty. In response to the way business and education are adapting (in real time) to COVID-19,  JAG National is establishing new protocols and processes to ensure full, virtual engagement with our young people to ensure they have the competencies they need to meet the very competitive job market ahead. That is why JAG is providing the immediate recommendations below that are of highest priority, which impact the day-to-day lives of our students and Specialists. Like our world right now, please know that these are in real-time and subject to change.


Moving forward, we will have ongoing recommendations that will be built into new practices that will serve as both short- and long-term solutions to continue JAG’s data-driven model. This will help us remain accountable to our students, our partners, funders, and each other.