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In its most recent annual report, JAG National has proven to be very effective!

Dramatically increasing graduation rates to 90% or above across 1,000 classrooms in 32 states, doubling the rates of the poor, disadvantaged, and young people of color are able to secure jobs and tripling the rates that they secure full-time jobs. At an investment of around $1,000 per student, graduating 343 at-risk students saves society $100,000,000 each year. Young men and women (ages 18-25) who do not graduate from high school often live off state and federal programs, along with not paying taxes due to unemployment. Simply put, JTG makes students with barriers to graduation employable.

(photo above – Rep. Mary Littleton, JTG President John Dwyer, and House Speaker Beth Harwell accepting a Joint House Resolution lauding the success of JTG)

Average Annual Cost Per Student in the JTG Program
Average Yearly Cost of Incarceration per Tennessee Inmate
Graduation Rate of Students in the JTG Program
Average Annual State of Tennessee Welfare Spending


90% GED and/or high school graduation rate

80% experiencing a positive outcome, including: employment, postsecondary education enrollment, or military

60% employed in a job in the public or private sectors

60% employed in a full-time job

80% in a full-time placement, including: full-time job; full-time postsecondary enrollment; or, a combination of work and school

80% improvement in attendance rate

80% improvement in self-esteem index

80% improvement in GPA

90% participation in JAG Career Association meetings and activities

80% increase using pre- and post-test knowledge assessment

90% participation in service learning projects

80% decline in discipline referrals

Students are selected with no less than a 5.0 average number of barriers

90% of participants with reduction in one or more barriers

Average number of contact hours per participant – 20 contact hours

Average number of JAG competencies attained in senior year – 37

100 % of participants are tracked accurately. and in a timely manner. with the Electronic National Data Management System

5% or less of graduates in the unable to contact rate category

40% pursuit of a postsecondary education



JTG’s recent transition into the nonprofit sector means that the program is funded by generous donations to keep it sustained and growing. We rely on residents of the Volunteer State to invest in its future; the numbers don’t lie. JTG’s results are long-standing and proven, and by giving students the skills and expertise necessary to transition successfully into a post-secondary education or directly into the workforce, it allows the burden of the taxpayer to shift from being reactive to proactive.

By investing in our students, we ensure that they are thriving and contributing members to society by the time they walk across the stage with their caps and gowns. Will you join us on this radical mission to raise $100K in 100 days so we can continue JTG’s legacy of success and expand its reach into more schools across the state?

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