JTG graduates are employed in numerous industries and fields

Banking and Financial Services  /  Construction  /  Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities (Home Health and Assisted Living)  /  Pharmacies  /  Automobile Dealerships, Auto Supply Stores, and Repair Services  /  Landscaping and Pool Maintenance  /  Hotels  /  Industrial (Machine Shops)  /  United Parcel Service (UPS)  /  Hospitality  /  Retail

JTG graduates are career ready upon graduation; however, most are entry-level jobs that lead to career advancement opportunities.
In 2019, JTG schools achieved a 97% graduation rate, which is significantly higher than the state’s overall graduation rate of 89.1 %

JTG currently serves 23 high schools in 16 different Tennessee Counties

Anderson Co. Career and Technical Center (Anderson County)
Centennial High School (Williamson County)
Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy (Hamilton County)
Clarksburg High School (Carroll County)
Cleveland High School (Bradley County)
Columbia High School (Maury County)
Creek Wood High School (Dickson County)
East Hickman High School (Hickman County)
Maplewood High School (Davidson County)
Stratford STEM Magnet High School (Davidson County)
Giles County High School (Giles County)
Hardin County High School (Hardin County)
Hickman County High School (Hickman County)
Houston County High School (Houston County)
Hillwood High School (Davidson County)
Ivy Academy (Hamilton County)
TN Volunteer ChalleNGe Academy (Davidson County)
Mt. Pleasant High School (Maury County)
Morgan Co. Career and Technical Center (Morgan County)
Perry County High School (Perry County)
Oneida High School (Scott County)
Volunteer ChalleNGe Academy (Davidson County)
Wayne Co. Technology Center (Wayne County)
Fairview High School (Williamson County


“JTG is a good program because it helps you to prepare for the real world. It makes looking at your future not so scary but exciting.”
Fantara Carter, Mt. Pleasant High School

“JTG allows you to find exactly what you want to do and how to do it. Without JT, I would not be attending college in the fall.”
Ellis Rowe, Centennial High School

“I serve on the JTG to help make an impact on student’s lives in the State of Tennessee!  Jobs for Tennessee Graduates provides an opportunity for kids to learn the skills required to enter the workforce and be successful.  The training they receive is extremely practical and make a direct impact in their lives now, and in the future!  By focusing on the students in Tennessee that need it the most, JTG is helping building a better future for them and the local communities where the program is active.  As a professional in the recruiting/staffing industry, I see JTG as the perfect bridge to help kids enter the workforce and be the most successful they can possibly be. Making that impact is what it’s all about and why I serve on the board.”
Jason Leverant, ATWORK GROUP. President/COO

“As most of you know my daughter was a JTG Specialist. I saw first hand how this class helped prepare seniors for the world they were entering. It brought them a reality that made them want to be responsible adults. She still gets calls from students either thanking her or still asking advice about their future. This is an amazing program that I am proud to be a part of.”
Mary Littleton, JTG Board Member and TN State Representative

“I serve on the JTG because it has proven to be an effective way to propel Tennessee’s high school seniors to either college or a productive life with a good job. Those are critical goals not only for our young people, but also for Tennessee and the United States.”
Jeff Gould, JTG Board Member, Chief Strategy Officer Amplion Clinical Communications

“I serve on the JTG Board because I believe in the program, the content that is delivered to students and the relevance why JTG is important in today’s global economy.”
Dr. Joseph A. Miller, JTG Board Member



JTG’s recent transition into the nonprofit sector means that the program is funded by generous donations to keep it sustained and growing. We rely on residents of the Volunteer State to invest in its future; the numbers don’t lie. JTG’s results are long-standing and proven, and by giving students the skills and expertise necessary to transition successfully into a post-secondary education or directly into the workforce, it allows the burden of the taxpayer to shift from being reactive to proactive.

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